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Support North Korean Defectors & Orphans

Persecution & Repression

The people of North Korea are constantly repressed by their government which has been runned by a stalinist dictatorship over the last six decades.They have no freedom of speech, are denied to travel outside of North Korea and even make international calls outside of Norh Korea, and 1 out of 4 children are malnurished. North Koreans are not allowed to practice Christianity, and those that do, can suffer severe persecution, torture and forced labor in concentration camps or even public execution.

Please donate to assist in helping the North Koreans defectors reach a free country, such as South Korea, U.S.A, and to supply their basic needs.

Please reach out to us through email or phone to see how you can help the North Koreans that are suffering and in need of your help.

Our Mission is to help the North Koreans who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus Christ, and the rest of North Koreans who are also being repressed by their government. Many defectors who have left North Korea still face danger and need help.

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