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Being a teacher in Oaxaca means sometimes having to travel for a whole day to get to school in a small community, teach for three days to children of all grades and travel back home for the weekend. They have to work with children who speak more than 20 different dialects. Being a teacher in Oaxaca means operating in a different universe and under different rules. On June 14 in the state capital of Oaxaca, Mexico, Government forces launched an attack to remove the Zocalo. Riot police cleared the square, while helicopters threw tear gas from above. Teachers in the strike were beaten, detained and expelled from the city center. But not for much longer; the teachers and their followers regrouped quickly, fending, block by block and took the square around noon. Teachers are the treasure and the most important assets of the world. Therefore, David Refuge is giving our best to help her by providing food and get to provide medical care when needed. Our team in Oaxaca will help these teachers to find refuge for families and individuals. Our members and Mr. Victor brother is the head of our mission in Oaxaca, reaching door to door and a person by person, delivering pamphlets with our full contact details so that anyone can contact in an emergency. Be part of our team Refuge David and stand and support our mission. His show of love, contribution can bring change and can win hearts, to end this struggle between humanity

Mission Oaxaca

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